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Drywall is a material used to create the ceilings and walls of your home. It is also used to repair or patch holes in plaster walls that are too big for spackling or joint compound repair. Drywall is conducive to painting and can be textured in a multiple of ways. Its easy to install, pliable, and is a great choice of material for your home’s walls and ceilings.

Much more goes into repairing drywall than many Chattanooga homeowners can imagine – that is until they try to do it themselves! That small hole that seems easy to patch can quickly turn into a large, unsightly bulge on your wall. These can be difficult to smooth out and almost impossible to disguise.

Before we begin your Chattanooga project, any damage to the drywall should be repaired. Repairing the dents and holes in your walls will bring a finished look to your home and help the paint last longer. Call us at (423) 774-0644 to schedule a time for us to come by and help assist in your project.

Chattanooga Painters 

Patrick Construction specializes as commercial and residential exterior and interior house painters with years of experience to get the job done right the first time. Whether you’re looking into professional painting services for your home or business, we’re sure that it will add a new dimension to the space to create the mood you’re looking for. Whether you want a professional atmosphere or a domestic, comfortable mood created, you’ll be surprised at what difference paint can make.