Chattanooga Room Additions

Does your home in or around Chattanooga need more space and don’t want to move? We have you covered! We build additions with the minimum disruption to your everyday living. Either Out, or Up or Both. Our additions don’t look like additions! Chattanooga Room Additions

The new square footage additions brings adds value to your Chattanooga home, and if the home addition includes a kitchen and/or bath, the value increases significantly. We will design to your budget, making sure you are getting exactly what you expect. Prior to construction of your home addition we will meet to introduce you to your Project Manager and provide you with a detailed schedule, along with your material selections timeline and whom to contact in order to facilitate those selections. We will explain each phase of your home addition construction before it takes place. We will take great care in protecting your home from the elements as well as from dust and debris created during the remodeling process. If you are considering a home addition, a room addition, or a story addition in Chattanooga, we would appreciate an opportunity to earn your business.

Ready to take the leap and build that room you’ve always wanted?
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