09 Dec 2013

Adding A New Room Can Put Money In Your Pocket

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If you are looking to add the maximum amount of value to your home the best way is to add a bedroom. That’s right adding a bedroom is probably the quickest way to increase the value of your house.

When adding a bedroom to your home there is a few things to remember. First if you add a room to your basement it may not be able to be legally be classified as a bedroom. In order for a room to be classified as a room especially when it is in the basement is; there needs to be a way out of the room besides just the door going upstairs.

Some municipalities allow egress windows to allow the room be classified as a bedroom. If you are adding a bedroom to your house you will definitely want to have an alternative way out of the house incase of such things as a fire. Adding an egress window and a ladder to either a basement bedroom, or an attic bedroom should be a major priority for safety.

When thinking about adding a bedroom to your home for value you may be asking yourself why would adding a bedroom add such a major amount to the value of my home?

The answer is quite simple. If you currently have a two-bedroom home there are not as many people looking for two bedrooms as there are for three bedrooms. It has been said that the average American family has 2.5 children. Thinking about it that way you can see why a family looking to buy a home would want to buy a three or four bedroom home before they would want a two-bedroom home.

Real estate price is determined by a number of factors. Some of the factors that determine a home are; location, size, when built, and the main reason are the amount of potential buyers for that specific property.

If you have a 3,000-square-foot house that only has two bedrooms the number of potential buyers is considerably less then if that same house had three or four bedrooms.

With the advances of the internet more people are now working from home. Thus extra bedrooms being used as home offices have greatly increased. If you look at are example of the American family having 2.5 kids then the average family would want four or more bedrooms.

Granted not all families have a bedroom for every child, many children have to share a room. Families try to accommodate each child with there own room.

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